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Turkish language

Interactive CDROMs to learn Turkish
Some books to learn Turkish
Some Turkish grammar books
Some links on Turkish language
Where can I learn Turkish?
Discussion lists on Turkish language
How to use Turkish fonts

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Interactive CDROMs to learn Turkish

TALK NOW (I)- Türkçe öğreniyorum - Eurotalk
WORLD TALK (II)- Türkçe öğreniyorum - Eurotalk
MULTIMEDYA KARTLARA hosgeldiniz- Türkçe öğreniyorum - Eurotalk
The Rosetta Stone language library

Some books to learn Turkish

Güzel Türkçeyi Öğreniyorum - Nurettin Koç (in Turkish)
Türkçeyi Öğreniyoruz - Mehmet Hengirmen (in Turkish)
Turkish Phrase Book - Yusuf Mardin (in English)
Colloquial Turkish - Arin & Sinan Bayraktaroğlu (in English with cassette)
Turkish : A Complete Course for Beginners
La méthode ASSIMIL - Le turc sans peine - (in French)
Méthode de turc - Michel Bozdemir - INALCO - Paris - L'asiathèque 1994 (in French)
Le turc tout de suite ! - Langues pour tous - (in French with cassette)
Güle Güle - Ersen-Rash, Seyhan; Hueber Yayınları, 1998, Berlin, Almanya (student's book, exercice book, teacher's book, cassettes or audio CD). (A good Turkish method for german speaking people)


  • Konuşma Dili ve Türkçenin Söyleyiş Sözlüğü (Dictionary of Turkish prononciation) - Iclâl Ergenç - Simurg - Ankara - 1995

  • Fransızca Türkçe - Türkçe Fransızca Okul Sözlüğü (Dictionnaire scolaire français-turc turc-français) A. Riza Yalt - Remzi Kitabevi

  • Büyük Fransızca-Türkçe Sözlük (Grand dictionnaire français-turc) Tahsin Saraç - ADAM YAYINLARI

  • Türkçe - Fransızca Büyük Sözlük (Big Turkish-French dictionary) Yalçın Kocabay

  • Dictionnaire Français-Turc BERK (Cybèle), BOZDEMIR (Michel), l'asiathèque, Paris

  • Dictionnaire Turc-Français BERK (Cybèle), BOZDEMIR (Michel), l'asiathèque, Paris

  • Türkçe Sözlük, Türk Dil Kurumu, Ankara, ISBN: 975-16-0070-7

  • Ansiklopedik Türkçe Sözlük (Encyclopedical dictionary) K. DEMİRAY/R. ALAYLIOĞLU İnkilap Kitabevi, İstanbul

  • Some Turkish grammar books

  • Introduction à l'étude pratique de la langue turque - Louis Bazin - 1987 - Librairie d'Amérique et d'Orient - J. Maisonneuve, succ.

  • Grammaire de la langue turque - Théorique et Pratique - Alfred Morer - Editions d'Amérique et d'Orient - J. Maisonneuve, succ.

  • Grammaire du turc - Ouvrage pratique à l'usage des francophones - Bernard Golstein - L'Harmattan

  • Yabancılar için Dilbilgisi ve Alıştırma kitabı + KASET, Nurettin Koç İnkılap Kitabevi, İstanbul

  • Türk Dilbilgisi, Haydar Ediskun, Remzi Kitabevi, 1996, Istanbul, İSBN: 9756146004164

  • Some links on Turkish language

    The YAMADA site (in english)
    One page to learn Turkish (in english)
    Some links to learn Turkish (multilingual)
    To learn Turkish by the internet
    Learn Turkish on the internet (in French)
    Turkish exercices for foreigners
    Türkçe merhaba - Turkish lessons (with voice)
    Princeton University's Turkish lessons on-line
    Online Turkish lessons from The University of Arizona (Tucson)
    Language Education for Beginner and Intermediate Levels in English (Only part of the site is free)

    Where can I learn Turkish?

    In Turkey:
  • At Tömer
  • At Dilmer

  • In France:
  • At Elele
  • At centre culturel anatolie
  • At l'association philotechnique
  • Discussion lists on Turkish language

    If you want subscribe to the Email list on Turkish language (mostly in Turkish), send an Email to with SUBSCRIPT TURKCE your firstname your name in the body part of the message.

    The turkishlearner discussion list. Very interesting for teachers and learners of Turkish as a foreign language (in English and Turkish)

    How to use Turkish fonts

    If you use Windows 98 - Second edition, you can install Turkish fonts. Click here for further explanations.
    If you have Turkish fonts on your computer but your keyboard is not a Turkish keyboard, you can add shortcuts to the Turkish characters with WORD 97. Click here for further explanations.

    If you can't follow the advices above, the links below may help you:

    After downloading them, you can use them in your applications. To be able to read correctly the Turkish sites that use Turkish Fonts, you must configurate your browser:

    To contact us, click here

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