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Some links about Turkey and Turkish language

You will find on this page a list of links to other sites. You may find some of these links on other pages of this site. If you know other interesting sites that you think must be on this page, please contact us clicking here.

The icons before each link show the language(s) available for each site.

Some sites related to Turkey
Some sites related to Turkish language
Some sites related to Turkish language teaching and learning
Discussion lists related to Turkish language
Turkish dictionaries
Where to buy books in Turkish on the internet
Associations or others
Useful software

Some sites related to Turkey:

Site of the following exposition: Turks - A journey of a thousand years - 600 -1600 - Royal Academy of Arts - 22/01/2005-12/04/2005
Turkish Embassy in Washington DC.
A great site about Turkish culture
Weather in Turkey
Pictures of archaeological sites from Turkey
A page full of useful links
Outline of the Turkish Education System
Turkish educational system
Turkish language (in russian)
The town of Istanbul
Air and water temperatures in Turkey
Another site about Turkish cuisine
An interesting home page about Istanbul
Turkish cuisine

Some sites related to Turkish language:

11th International Conference on Turkish Linguistics(7-9/08/2002)
Turkish radios on internet
Turkish News Network
Turkish national library
Turkish Language and Literature
Turkish music (RealAudio)
Turkish press organizations
Listen to Turkish music
Turkish cinema
Turkish language
Website of the Turkish national agency for european school exchange projects
Turkish-French translations for free
Some material and information about Turkish language learning.

Some sites related to Turkish language teaching and learning:

Some Turkish texts with translations in English and recorded readings for the use of students of Turkish
Links about Turkish language
Turkish exercices for foreigners
Learn Turkish language
Türkçe merhaba - Turkish lessons (with voice)
Princeton University's Turkish lessons on-line
Online Turkish lessons from The University of Arizona (Tucson)
Database on colleges and universities in North America that teach Less Commonly Taught Languages (LCTLs) during the regular school year
Conjugation of Turkish verbs (Some mistakes)
Language Education for Beginner and Intermediate Levels in English (Only part of the site is free)
French-Turkish school friendship project
Türk dili (Turkish language)
Turkish lessons for beginners
Learn Turkish on the internet (in French)
Turkish language teaching at the INALCO, Paris
Turkish children at school, a very interesting presentation in French of the education of Turkish children in France.
Official programs for the teaching of foreign languages of the French ministry of education
A guide about Turkey and Turkish language in spanish

Discussion lists related to Turkish language

For Turkish (TFL) teachers and learners
For Turkish learners.
List for Turkish (TFL) teachers
List on Turcology
About Turkish exams at the French baccalaureat, related to this internet site

Turkish dictionaries:

Another English-Turkish dictionary
Another English-Turkish dictionary
An English-Turkish dictionary of computer terms
An English-Turkish dictionary of internet terms
An English-French-German-Italian-...-Turkish dictionary
Another English-French-German-Italian-...-Turkish dictionary
An English-Turkish-German-french dictionary
A French-Turkish dictionary to download

Where to buy books in Turkish on the internet:

PANDORA library
"Remzi kitabevi" library
Kitapyurdu library
Sabitfikir library
Buy Turkish books in France.

Associations or others:

Computer Science Association of Turkey
Turkey, tourism guide and information
french council for the associations of Turkish immigrants (CFAIT)
French Turkish friendship FORUM
An interesting site
Website of "A Ta Turquie" association
One site on Turkish culture

Useful software:

Technical information about Turkish character set and computers
turkwriter a software for typing Turkish characters
Turkish fonts for Macintosh

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