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How to install Turkish fonts (Windows 98 - Second Edition)

The French version of Windows 98 second edition includes Turkish fonts. I suppose it is the same for the English one. However Turkish fonts are not automatically installed. Below is a guided tutorial to help you set this up. (As I don't have an English version, the screen copies and the explanations I have included are from the French version. I would very much appreciate if one of the readers of this page could send me the screen copies and the corrected explanations in English.)

First of all open the Control Panel (Start, Parameters, Control panel) as shown below.

Double-click on the 'Add/Remove programs' icon.

The 'Add/Remove programs property' dialog box will show up. Select 'Windows installation'. Click once on 'multilingual fonts'. Click then on the 'details' button. A dialog box will show up.

Select 'Turkish' (Check the box as shown below). Click then on the 'OK' button. The dialog box will close. Click on 'OK' again. The last dialog box will close.

The message below will show up. Insert your Windows 98 CDROM and click on 'OK'.

The installation of Turkish fonts support will start.

When the installation is over, you are asked to restart your computer. Click on 'Yes' to restart your computer. After restarting, Turkish fonts support will be available on your computer.

If you want to use Turkish fonts with WORD 97 (or WORD 2000), you can easily affect shortcuts to each of the Turkish characters. For further explanations click here.

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Last updated on February 2, 2004